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Flute Player. Solo artist. Sound designer.

The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra announces a new Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild orchestrated album.  The first single released is Kass' Theme featuring Emma on the flute

Death metal band Adon release their debut self titled album, featuring Ember Belladonna on tracks Adon and Axiom.

Ember Belladonna releases her debut album The Grove.

"This album took me on a journey I did not know I needed, but will forever be glad I experienced it."

- Metal Zenith

"The Grove is both captivating and entrancing."

- Harbinger of Doom

"It is a world full of bewitching melodies marked by her beautiful flute work and transportive to lands of dreams and myths that is both beautiful and heavy."

- The Coroners Report

Metal band Adon releases their new single Axiom.
featuring Ember Belladonna and Warscythe.

Death Metal band Adon announces their debut self-titled album.  The album features Ember Belladonna on glissando flute on two tracks.  Watch for the release in early 2024

As a huge metal fan it's always so much fun when I can play on a heavier project.  I had so much fun creating ethereal and melodic textures for these metal songs and I'm so excited for everyone to hear this album!

Trend Orchestra releases a brand new album of orchestrated music from Zelda's Twilight Princess game.  The album features flute solos by Emma on five tracks

This album was such fun to play on.  Marcus wrote some fantastic flute parts that really showed off the instrument and it's been wonderful to listen to the full album

Station to Station gets an official game date release trailer at Gamescom - the game will be available on October 3rd

Galaxy Grove games reveals their new demo and gameplay trailer for Station to Station - the game features flute playing by Emma

I have been loving playing flute for this cozy game, the demo has been so much fun to play and I love seeing how it's all coming together with the music.

Emma plays flute on the Legend of Zelda Temple of Time arrangement by Paul Aubry

Album artwork for Paul Aubry's Temple of Time cover - from The Legend of Zelda

The Inferno Doll releases new track and music video Renfield, featuring Ember Belladonna

 - But through all these evil and visceral sensations a bright melody swirls, thanks to Ember Belladonna‘s elegant performance of the glissando flute. It sounds yearning, and maybe even hopeful, but also despairing, and further manages to make the song even more eerie. - No Clean Singing

Album cover for Renfield by The Inferno Doll

Emma plays flute on the soundtrack for Nintendo Switch game The Spirit and the Mouse

Cover art for the Nintendo Switch game The Spirit and the Mouse

It was an absolute pleasure to play on this soundtrack written by the incredible Gisula!

The game is so wholesome and I loved adding a little musical flare to Lila the mouse.

Emma contributes flute to the latest cover
arrangement from Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra

Cover art for the Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra arrangement of the Pokemon Theme Song

Thiago Klafke unveils the first look at his new
virtual reality immersive experience Spanish Town, featuring sound design by Emma

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