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Emma Kramer-Rodger


From soaring flute tracks to otherworldly sound effects, I love bringing worlds to life through her music and sound design.


Located in central Canada, I have done sound design and audio technician work for feature films, audio technician and editing work for radio broadcasts, and recorded flute tracks for video games, all from her home studio. 


As a sound designer, my early days were spent in local studios working on feature films, handling everything from Foley recording and editing to mixing in 5.1 surround sound.  Since then I've worked as a broadcast technician and sound editor for CBC Radio.  

Despite sound design being my main career path I've been a musician and flute player since a young age, and release solo music under the name Ember Belladonna.  Most recently I've recorded flute and bansuri tracks for the video game Airborne Kingdom and continue to do session recordings for composers and bands. 

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