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Flute Folk Metal.

"This album took me on a journey I did not know I needed, but will forever be glad I experienced it."

- Metal Zenith

"The Grove is both captivating and entrancing."

- Harbinger of Doom

"It is a world full of bewitching melodies marked by her beautiful flute work and transportive to lands of dreams and myths that is both beautiful and heavy."

- The Coroners Report

Captivating flute melodies soar over heavy metal guitars in an unexpected musical combination, but this is what creates Ember Belladonna's unique take on folk metal music.

As a classically trained flute player who often has heavy metal playing in her headphones, Ember Belladonna has taken her love of these two genres of music and designed something new and unique.  Inspired by folklore and fantasy, Ember Belladonna weaves these elements into her music videos to take you on a spellbinding musical journey.  

Her debut album The Grove released in February 2024.  The goal of the album is to take the listener on a fantastical journey through The Grove, a place of magic and power.  The Grove features the flute in every form - from the traditional sound to a heavy metal sound full of distortion.  The full album features guest vocalists to round out the story of The Grove.

You can also hear Ember Belladonna's unique sound on the latest release from gothic metal vocalist The Inferno Doll on her song Renfield, and featured throughout the upcoming self titled album from death metal band Adon.


“"Emma was a dream to collaborate with. She is a true professional, and most importantly, a beautifully talented musician. She perfectly captured the atmosphere we were looking for with minimal direction. Our song is all the better because of her contribution."


“"It was an absolute delight collaborating with Emma on the track 'Renfield'. Her professionalism shines through her work, and her genuine passion for music resonates in every note she plays. Emma not only grasped the essence and vision I had for the song but also infused it with her unique artistic flair, making the composition all the more captivating.  I highly recommend Emma as a talented flutist who brings both skill and creativity to any music project"

The Inferno Doll

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