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As a classical flute player who grew up listening to metal music, Emma has always loved defying expectations of what is expected from music and sound.

Emma has over twenty years of playing experience, and has received national recognition from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada.  Although flute has been her main focus for many years, in university she developed a love of video game music and sound. She began to expand upon those skills and now splits her time working as a sound designer and editor, a session musician and as a flute folk metal solo artist under the name Ember Belladonna.

Her flute playing is featured on the soundtrack of the BAFTA nominated game Airborne Kingdom and for the Nintendo Switch game The Spirit and the Mouse, and her sound design has enhanced films with actors such as Nicolas Cage and Christina Ricci, as well as a Google documentary short film.

Emma has just released her debut album titled The Grove, under the name Ember Belladonna. When not working on her own music she is busy working away on flute tracks and sound design for several upcoming video games.  She is looking forward to sharing all these projects with the world!

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