I work as a recording engineer and sound designer.  I have worked on film, video game and virtual reality projects.  I can work in a variety of genres and can deliver final projects in 5.1 surround sound, stereo or ambisonic and spatial audio.   

For a full list of my sound editing and Foley credits please visit my IMDb page.


I have worked on Foley recording and editing, dialogue editing, sound effects creation and full audio mixing on the following feature films.  All trailers are the property of the companies that released them.


I specialize in creating ambisonic and virtual reality audio mixes.  The following are several examples of my work.


A trailer for the upcoming video game Queen City Chaos.

All sound effects and music were done by me.

A sound design demo using original sound effects

implemented into a Unity game.

An example of sound effects created through synthesizers.

Sound effects for a video game titled Might Chameleon