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Glissando Flute. Piccolo. Bamboo Flutes.

The Process

You can send me sheet music for a flute part you want me to record or I can offer input in writing a flute cue for your piece.

You can video chat in to listen to the recording session, or I can send you the takes and changes can be made if needed.

All music will be recorded in a controlled environment on a professional microphone.  You will be sent dry recordings so you can add your own reverb when mixing.

One round of adjustments, changes or new takes can be done after the original files have been sent. 

I play a variety of different wooden flutes so we can always work together to find the best fit for the music you are composing.

You can contact me for rates or an estimate.


“It was wonderful working with Emma. She has a very good work ethic and she is a superb flute player. She delivered high quality recordings and I just love what her playing brought to my pieces. It was a game changer"

Paul Aubry (Airborne Kingdom)

“I absolutely loved working with Emma on the soundtrack for The Spirit & the Mouse. She was incredibly professional, timely, and above all delivered beautiful flute tracks. She nailed the sound we were looking for, and added in some beautiful ad-libs that really elevated the tracks. Emma is a superb collaborator and I highly recommend her for any future projects! "

Gisula (The Spirit and the Mouse)

"Working with Emma is a joy. Not only are her emotive performances superb, but her level of communication and enthusiasm towards each project make the whole process efficient and enjoyable. I can always trust that Emma will deliver clear high-quality recordings which makes mixing them into a session so much easier. Highly recommend. "

Marcus Hedges (Trend Orchestra)

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