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If you're not ready for custom music these are all original tracks that I am offering up royalty free to be used in any film, video game or other medium.  The tracks are in a variety of musical genres and could be used in a wide range of projects. 

You can choose from a single track, or a full music asset pack, whatever fits your needs!

Credit to my website, Instagram or Twitter is appreciated if you do use any of my music.

All sales are final. Please to not distribute these tracks on their own.


Wandering Souls is an original composition creating a mysterious and eerie melody.

Perfect for an RPG or adventure setting.  The download includes the original track and a seamless loop.  Use this track for free, or name your price and use it in any of your projects.

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Single tracks

If you are looking for one piece of music, there are a variety of genres here. Each purchase and download includes an MP3 and WAV version of the track, and a WAV seamless loop of the track.

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Music Asset Packs

Cyberpunk Music Asset Pack


This audio pack contains twelve original pieces of music.  There are a variety of moods and atmospheres created with the music, so it will be perfect to add elements throughout a video game or film.

The full purchase and download comes with a WAV file and a seamless looping WAV file of each track

Arcade Chiptune Asset Pack


This audio pack contains eleven original pieces of chiptune style music.  There are a variety of themes that can be used for levels, menus, boss fights and more in a video game.  

The full purchase and download comes with seamless looping WAV file and a looping MP3 of each track.

Fate in the Stars


This audio pack includes two tracks, a piano rendition and a full orchestral piece.

These pieces are ideal for creating a melodic theme and the variation in the piano

and orchestral versions and will help bring a range of emotions to your project.

Fate in the Stars tracks are WAV files and are not designed to be seamless loops

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