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Sound Design Demo Reel

Clip 1 is from a feature film titled SuperGrid. I was part of a small sound team at Talking Dog Studios working on this film. I worked on Foley recording and editing, dialogue editing, sound design and surround sound mixing.  I also ran the ADR recording sessions and did the ADR editing for this scene. This clip showcases an action scene and attention to detail in this area.


Clips 2 and 4 are from an unreleased short film titled Chowboys.  I worked on this film during my time at Talking Dog Studios and was the lead Foley recorder, editor and sound designer.  This short clip of the horse was created entirely through studio recorded sounds and layered and edited by me.  The second clip features a more involve Foley scene and includes various layers to create the gory sound effects all recorded in studio.

Clip 3 is a personal project using the Unity game engine.  I created all original sound effects and implemented them into a pre-created Unity game using FMOD and this clip is taken from test gameplay footage.

Clip 4 is from a feature film called The Humanity Bureau.  I worked on this as part of the sound team at Talking Dog Studios doing primarily sound editing, and surround sound mixing.  This scene highlights attention to detail through quick scene and location changes.

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