I am a composer creating original music using both live recordings and midi sample libraries. I write music in a variety of styles, and for a variety of ensemble types. I understand the complexities of emotion in film and can create soundtracks accordingly. Whatever genre or soundscape you are looking for, I would be happy to create something unique just for your game or film.

If you're not ready for custom music just yet you can brow my selection of royalty free music for sale here.

You Got Mail is an online mini game.  I created all the music for this game for the various levels and worlds.

You can click here to play. 

You Got Mail.jpg

I write and record music to go along with documentary and blog style videos.

I make original videos and write original music for vloggers

This is my video game demo reel,

a combination of footage from commissioned works

as well as re-dubbed existing video games.  

I do not own any of the footage.

All sound design and music is original.